Poem: Alarm clock

I write poems, so I’ll post one here. I think this is the first love song I’ve written so far.  Also, I’d like to hear native speakers’ opinion. So, do let me know whether you like it or not, even though de gustibus non est disputandum (“In matters of taste, there can be no disputes”).


Alarm Clock

There are days when I find it hard to open my eyes,

When black is not the same colour black,

and white in grey finds disguise.

And all I know, I’m not even sure.

And all that existed, doesn’t anymore.


That world behind my closed eyes

Where my white collides

It’s coloured with imagination.

Imagination more real than reality.


I smile, realizing who among all could be the one,

Reaching to my presence to find in my eyes a piece of sun.

The last minute of the adventure passed by

Throwing me back into this cruel reality of mine.